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AQUAPRO Dive Center Bodrum was created in 1997, by divers, for divers. It’s owned by an English/Turkish husband and wife team(Joby and Kenan), who are both active on the boats every day.
We are the only dive center situated in the harbour of Bitez, a small village 3km west of the hustle and bustle of Bodrum. We have a free transfer service from the hotels in the local area.
Aquapro dive center offers quality and safe diving. All equipment is new and meets all European standards.
Our qualified Instructors offer all PADI/SSI/CMAS/NASDS and NAUI courses up to professional level. Certified divers are able to rent full equipment from our extensive stock.
From April until end of October our 21mt motor yacht ‘Vertigo’ departs from Bitez Harbour at 10:00am each morning, enjoying 2 dives with a freshly cooked lunch served on board each day, and returning back to bitez harbour at around 15:00-16:00pm. 


Expect to see dusky grouper, barracuda, parrotfish, octopus, moray eel, starfish, sea bass, sea bream, scorpionfish and perhaps stingray, turtle or dolphin!
BIG REEF-boat dive, sometimes current, indermediate difficulty, depth 5-35mt, large scaled scorpionfish, sponges, moray eels, groupers. One of Bodrum’s most popular dive spots, great for spotting tuna and barracuda.
SMALL REEF-boat dive, sometimes current, intermediate difficulty, depth 5-32mt, close to big reef, great for spotting barracuda, tuna and large groupers.
SG115 SHIPWRECK-boat dive, easy difficulty, depth 18-26mt, ex coast guard patrol ship, octopus, large groupers, many species smaller fish around wreck. Wreck is 29mt long and 17mt high.
PINAR 1 SHIPWRECK-boat dive, medium difficulty, advanced divers only, depth 36mt, nudibranch, octopus, squid, moray eel, many species of small fish. Ex Turkish Navy water tanker, 37mt long, 18mt high. Possible to penetrate the wheelhouse where the wheel remains in place. Great for photography.
C47 DAKOTA PLANE WRECK- boat dive, easy to medium difficulty, depth 28mt, octopus, groupers, dentex, barracuda. Dakota C47 lies with one wing in 17mt, the other in 25mt, with her tail in 28mt. She is an ex Turkish Air Force parachute plane.
SMUGGLER’S BAY-boat dive, easy difficulty, depth 5-30mt, amphorae, octopus, stingray, moray eel, grouper and many species small fish. Great place for beginners, training and advanced divers alike.
LIGHTHOUSE BAY-boat dive, easy difficulty, 5-20mt, sandy bottom, octopus, many species small fish, sponges, grouper, moray eel, barracuda.
WOLF POINT-boat dive, medium difficulty, sometimes current, 5-30mt amphorae, many species small fish, dentex, barracuda, car wreck. Thousands small fish in the shallows, great for photography.
KARGI ISLAND-boat dive, difficult, current, depth 5-30mt, pink trumpet sponges, groupers, barracudas, tunas. One of Bodrum’s furthest dive spots, more remote and not so often visited. Many small species in the shallows, tall pinnacles. Nearby reef in 35mt.
TEMEL BAY-boat dive, easy difficulty, 5-30mt, Squid, octopus, many small species, axe fish, wall dive 10-30mt with small overhang swim thru.
BUBBLE CAVE-boat dive, medium difficulty, 5-30mt, grouper, sponges, crabs, many species small fish. Cave entrance at 12mt with chinmey exit at 4mt, exhaled bubbles in the cave exit through cracks in the roof for a beautiful sight.

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Aquapro Dive Center Bodrum
Aquapro Dive Center Bodrum
Aquapro Dive Center Bodrum

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