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Ali Nasuh MAHRUKI was born in Istanbul on May 21, 1968 and completed his primary and secondary education at Şişli Terakki Lisesi. He graduated from the Bilkent University Business Administration Faculty in 1992 and the National Security Academy in 2004. National athlete, professional climber, writer and photographer, Mahruki is engaged in mountaineering, caving, paragliding, diving, motor sports, sailing and cycling.

Having completed the top five climbs of Soviet Asia's 7,000 metric highs, the Russian Mountaineering Federation has been awarded the title KAR LEOPARI, which is still not rebuilt in Turkey, and is the first Turkish to climb Mount Everest, the first Muslim climber in the world and the youngest mountain climber in the world to complete the YEDI ZIRVELER project it was. Cho Oyu - the highest solo climb in Turkey, Lhotse and K2 - climbed to the mountains of 8000 metric tons, without oxygen support. After 15 years, he climbed Mount Everest once more. He has made motorcycle trips in various countries of Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Tsukim, Tibet, Bhutan, Mongolia and Europe.

She has organized motivational talk and seminars on leadership, teamwork, personal development, self-awareness, goal orientation, commitment, discipline, risk management, and taught at a university "Teamwork and Leadership". He has been a columnist for various newspapers and magazines and has produced documentary programs on various television channels.

Because of his pioneering social entrepreneurship in rescue work, he was selected as America's Fellow of the ASHOKA Foundation - (2004). (2009) was awarded to FAHRİ DOCTORA - (2012) from Bilkent University in the field of social sciences. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Mongolia has been awarded the JUUKH BICHIG Appointment.

Search and Rescue Association - Founder and President of AKUT, Member of UGSAD - National Security and Strategic Researches Association, Turkish National Olympic Committee, SAD - Underwater Research Society, Traveler Clubs Association and Founder Member of Joint Ideals Association and Turkish Board of ASHOKA Foundation She is a member.

Works: The Day of a Mountaineer - The First Turk in Everest - A Way of Dreaming - Asian Roads, Himalayas and Beyond - Day of the Earth - Homeland Love Not with Action, Climb to Your Everest.

In 2009, Nasuh Mahruki married Mine Mahruki during a traditional wedding ceremony during a motorcycle trip to the Bhutan Kingdom in the Himalayas, and their sons Barlas in 2013 and their daughters in the wise world in 2015.

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