10 Different Types of Entertainment for Big Events
10 Different Types of Entertainment for Big Events



10 Different Types of Entertainment for Big Events

10 Different Types of Entertainment for Big Events

You have already started to prepare for your big event. The venue is set, the food menu and the drinks have been picked. However, now, you are facing a dilemma: what entertainment you should choose for the event.

We are here to tell you not to worry about that. In this article, we will talk about ten different types of entertainment you can hire for your big event.

1. Magician

There are a lot of people in this world who are missing out on the fact they did not see any magic tricks by now. Even the people who saw magicians performing cannot get enough of their acts.

Hiring a magician is one of those types of entertainment which will make your event memorable and unique.

2. Illusionist

How fun would it be if someone just appeared out of nowhere near one of your guests and started doing their trick without them even realizing it? This sort of unexpected little things makes big events great.

Illusionists are those kinds of entertainers who’ll make your guests think long and hard about how awesome your event was.

We put magicians and illusionists in different categories because not every magician can be an illusionist, but all illusionists are magicians.

3. Shadow Performer

Shadow performance is a new type of entertainment, and it is definitely something which catches your eye no matter what. It is an excellent choice for big events because shadow performers flawlessly combine acting, dancing, and circus.

Shadow performances are all about dancers’ ability to transform their bodies into images and creating a story.

4. Hypnotist

Not that many people believe in hypnosis. However, what if your audience would see it live? Wouldn’t that be cool for them? First, because it is not every day they have this opportunity. Second, because they will want to tell their friends what grand event they have attended.

5. Improv Comedian

Improv comedians can adapt very quickly to any environment and event. What’s event better is their jokes come off as natural, not scripted and your guests will sense this kind of thing?

They are always fresh, charismatic and ready to take over significant events.

6. Mentalist

At big events, it may be a little hard for entertainers to interact with the audience. However, the performance of a mentalist will require exactly that: one on one direct communication with the guests.

Your audience will have plenty of fun and feel special because they will be included in the performance of the entertainer.

7. Master of Ceremonies

Every big event needs a master of ceremony, right? The best ones are those who have industry experience and know when or whether to say jokes.

Plus, if your guests are going to love the master, they will definitely want to stay much longer.

8. VJ

Big events require a good mix of music and visuals. If the venue is big, then the lack of visual effects will make your event seem dull.

You do not have to go crazy and think about the fact your event should look like a club. Event VJs know exactly how to handle the visual aspect, so you should rely on them.

9. Musical Comedian

Music AND comedy? Your guests will not say “no.” We think there’s always room for both, especially when it comes from a group of performers who are experts at entertaining people.

10. Band

Music is the life of every big event, especially if it is live. You can hire a band which will perform one of the greatest hits for maximum engagement with the audience.

Your guests will sing, dance, relax, unwind and have a fantastic time.

So Many Types of Entertainment to Choose from, so Little Time

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